a valentine's day breakfast.

february 14th dawned another beautiful sunny day here in northern arizona.

we decided to avoid the masses of people racing out for dinner on valentine's day by going out for a leisurely breakfast instead.   we aren't actually die hard valentine's day celebrators by any means, but if the opportunity arrises, then why not?     

I was recommended to La Bellavia by some co-workers about a year ago and gary and I have been frequenting this quaint little place ever since.  in the summer months the line typically can be seen winding out the door, but on a mid-february winter's day, we were able to get a table for two right away. sweet.


established in 1976, the place is as old as me.  wow. now that's old.

two steaming mugs of coffee, please.  I like mine with a touch of cream. gary takes his straight black.  

we both ordered up omelets.  ham, peppers and jack cheese. YUM.

ah... the picture of contentment.  great coffee, outstanding food and some much needed QT with the hubby. can't get much better than this!

and then it was time to head back to the masses at home. until next time, La Bellavia.  

-have a super monday! 


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