winter blahs.

this week I've majorly had a case of the winter blahs.  I managed to make it through january without losing my mind, but february has been a bigger challenge.  

how can it be the shortest month of the year, but yet feel like the longest? 

and the worst part about february is that all the catalogs and stores have started to parade their spring clothes and shoes, tantalizing me with cardigans in delicious sherbet colors and ballet flats so sweet I could cry. and even worse than that is the cold and the several feet of white stuff still on the ground prohibiting any sort of warm weather attire.  waaaaa. 

what's a girl to do?  

so I make a quick call to my local salon and schedule an appointment for a new do!  nothing like a little hair update to put me in a better mood!

the before: (my son took these pictures so maybe not the greatest photography here)


dull, drab, blase, matronly, and overgrown.  the swept across bangs are not doing much for me here except show casing the lines on my forehead.  took forever to dry and style and half the time ended up pulling it back into a pony.  ick.

the after:


fresh, fun, flirty, sassy, edgy and modern.  love the piece-y bangs and how the cut frames my face.  I'm feeling better already.  

and I don't know how to act on this side of the camera so please excuse the not-so-great poses.

-have a fun friday!


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