and they rode off into the sunset.


it was an honor to be in attendance at Keith and Kim's 25th wedding anniversary celebration last friday evening.  believe it or not, this was their get-a-way car on the night they tied the knot.  oh what nostalgia!  and it's still running like a charm 25 years later, thanks to Kim's dad.  I thought I heard him say this was only the third time it's been out since then. 

acting like a couple of newly weds again, with Kim's dad behind the wheel and her mom in the passenger seat this time, they hopped in the back and we went out for dinner before the party.  fun times! 

and they lived happily ever after.  but this isn't the end, ladies and gents.  

we're wishing them 25 more happy and healthy years of wedded bliss.




PS. today, Gary and I celebrate our 14th anniversary.  wow, 14 years.  it's felt like about a minute...underwater

PSS.  just kidding.  

PSSS. actually, every year just keeps getting better and better.

PSSSS. I'm REALLY glad we don't look like this anymore.  eek.  can you say "bad hair day"?  so 90's.  what was I thinking?  tell me I've gotten better looking with age...PLEASE?  I'll love you forever. 


Gary and Jessica  March 23, 1996 

(don't we look smashing?  especially Gary with the debonair hair.)



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