lazy afternoons call for picnics in the forest.

living just down the street from the national forest has offered many opportunities for the kids.  biking and hiking on the many trails, exploring, and searching out different animals and birds have been amongst the top of the list.

last summer, the girls discovered that it was also the perfect spot for lazy afternoon picnics.  lots of shade, a cool breeze and soft pine needles to spread your blanket on does sound inviting!  phoebe and ella absolutely love it.  and the older girls love watching their eyes light up at the mention of the word "picnic".

during the week of spring break, we were fortunate enough to have some superb weather, so the girls packed up a lunch and headed out.  and I decided to tag along as the "photographer".  I enjoyed being a part of their little "play date".








nothing like a little girl time!  of course phoebe and ella have A LOT of questions. especially important ones like "who do you think I'm going to marry?"  like they even have a clue, right?

I can't believe it's already wednesday!  where did the week go?




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