crime scene investigation: part II.

it had (for the most part) been an uneventful morning.  I was starting to wonder if I might possibly get through the day without any major mishaps.  by lunch time I was whistling dixie thinking, wow, this must be what a normal person's life is like. not bad.  I could get used to this.  

I disappeared into the laundry room (for like 3 minutes) to switch out the last load.  and that, by george, is when it happened.

scene of the crime: 


gasp!  this was definitely a first degree mess.  (namely for the fact that it involved getting down on my hands and knees to clean up)  and the suspect(s) had fled the scene.  hmmm...I knew a rat when I smelled one.

I moved in to get a closer look and scoped out the evidence.  mac and cheese. spiral variety.  one small fork, haphazardly discarded, covered in cheesy fingerprints.  a couple last bites in the bottom of the bowl.  and a few smears, indicating that the suspect had tried to clean up the scene, but had failed miserably.  

I could just about guess who the perpetrator was.  but to prove my case, I did a quick search through the data base and came up with three possible suspects.  

the line-up:

suspect no. 1: phoebe (aka "the pherocious one") known to throw an occasional fit of rage at the dinner table.  bad. 

Phoebe IMG_0693 copy
suspect no. 2: ella (aka "the devious one") known to eat food in places other than the kitchen.  naughty.  

Ella IMG_0699

suspect no. 3: rowan (aka "the tornado") known to destroy everything in his path.  horrendous.  

IMG_1149 IMG_1153
looks like I found the suspect:  the orange ring around the mouth is a dead giveaway.  followed by the sheepish grin and look of disbelief that I had caught on.  who, me?

and nothing screams "guilty" more than this look:


uh oh.  I really shouldn't have done that.          


case closed.  

*this now concludes the second episode of "crime scene investigations".  thanks for tuning in!

until next time!



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