a slide show of yet another hike.

by now I'm sure you're getting bored of viewing pictures from all of our hiking excursions. ((yawn))

and by now I could probably write a documentary, we've been on so many.

but I learned how to make a slide show and I wanted to share it with you.  so please bear with me. 

* I really wanted to do a photo shoot of Hannah, the up and coming teenager,  and make a slide show of those pictures, but she sun-burned her face so badly skiing (totally forgot the sunscreen) that now her face is a mess of peeling blisters. (poor girl) which does not lend to very pretty images.  so we will wait on that. * 

may I present to you, the Kesti family hike at Beaver Creek:  

beaver creek hike from Jessica Kesti on Vimeo.

hope you enjoyed it!  after the hike we stopped at a park in Sedona so there were a few pictures from that.

have a great tuesday!



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