for the record.

I really did make a birthday cake.  from scratch, believe it or not.  but it still sunk a little in the middle.  and I even followed the high altitude instructions.  the recipe did say to use three 8-inch round pans and I only used two...well, that's all I had!  maybe that was the issue.  

anyway, it was a yellow cake.  with real vanilla buttercream frosting.  and it was sooo delicious.  the kids were even impressed.  in fact, I should make cakes from scratch more often!

IMG_0486 copy
here's birthday boy lighting his own candles.  just don't look too closely at the cake.  I am certainly not a cake decorator in any way, shape or form.  good thing for the low lighting!

in other news: I spent this past week devoting myself to learning my mac, playing around with CS4 (a photo editing program) that I'm still not 100% comfortable with yet, organizing my photos, perusing photo blog upon photo blog, and I even learned how to make a picture slideshow and upload it on vimeo, which I may have to share with you next week.  so, stay tuned!  

and I'm desperately hoping this baby shows up today:


until next week,


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