celebrating spring.

for all you photography lovers out there, here's your chance to win a CANON 5D MARK II !!!!   simply hop on over to epiphanie bags to enter for this sweet giveaway!  and while you're there, check out their fantastic camera bags...they are uber stylish!  take a moment to  feast your eyes upon these beauties:


so yummy!  and I REALLY want one, like NOW!  (red or aqua?  red or aqua?)  I can't decide!  camera bags, diaper bags, hand bags, eye bags, saddle bags.  me and bags...we are like THIS.  

a win would truly be worth a celebration!  good luck!

*disclaimer: I cannot accept any responsibility or blame if you do not win.  and I don't know what will happen if you win and I don't.*


anyway, here are a few other reasons to celebrate spring:

warm(er) and sunny days.  melting snow.  time to ditch the winter jackets.  mud boots.  and reuniting with neighbor kids. 

quite possibly my favorite season of the year.     

IMG_0715 copy

and just tromp all over my heart with that look, why don't you?

with a smile that lights up your whole face. 

sporting your cute monkey mud boots, you silly girl. 

IMG_0723 copy

patiently letting me take pictures of you.

Phoebe and brooklyn

as you stop to pose with the neighbor girl who came out to play.


well, maybe she's not as happy to see you, seeing you have to force her to give you a hug.

she'll warm up to you, eventually.  they all do.

happy spring!




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