my personal grocery shoppers.

ella:  hi.  my name is ella.  and this is my little sister phoebe.  uh, excuse me for a sec.  psst...phoebe! you're suppose to look at the camera.  don't you know that by now?  sorry.  anyway, as I was saying,  we are here at New Frontiers, a natural marketplace, doing a little grocery shopping for my mom.  she had a few special items she wanted us to pick up for her. 

phoebe:  yep.  she doesn't like getting groceries.  gives her a headache, or something.

ella:  yes, phoebe, that's right.  so they make these small carts especially for that reason...the moms can send their kids to the store to do their grocery shopping for them.  

Grocery copy
phoebe:  hey check this out, ella!  you can put your foot up on the cart like this!

ella:  how cool is that?  let me give it a whirl!  wouldn't it be fun to race this thing up and down the aisles?  I bet that's what dad does when he goes grocery shopping.  oh well, we better concentrate on getting the goods.  check out this produce.  I wonder if mom would like these weird looking things?  

phoebe:  I don't know...but I am seeing a lot of weird looking people.

ella:  shhh...not so loud, phoebe!  you're right, though.  this is where all the granola people hang out.

phoebe:  oh yeah, that's right.  she said she really loves granola. 

ella:  that's not what I meant...oh never mind!  you wouldn't understand anyway.    

ella:  ugh.  grocery shopping is over-rated.  I really hope we got everything she wanted.  

phoebe:  let's hope so!  that was a lot of money for that tiny bag of stuff!

ella:  no kidding!  that's why she usually goes to safeway.     

phoebe:  phew!  grocery shopping is hard work!  I really deserve this chocolate bar.  at least that's what my mom says when she's in the checkout lane.  

ella:  oh no, that just reminded me...we forgot the diet coke!  but it's not organic so they probably don't sell it here.  she'll just have to survive without it.  

(hee hee.)


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