two twelve year olds.

as of today, I have two twelve year olds.  and they're not twins, either.  what?  is that possible?  am I crazy?  I think so.

yep.  hannah and jake were born exactly 11 months and 5 days apart.  so, for you mathematicians out there, that means they'll be the same age for the next 25 days.  which also means that in 25 days I'll officially enter into the "teenage zone".  lucky me, right?  yikes.  

looking at this picture, I bet you could never guess who's older.  you get one chance to get it right.  need a hint?  her name spelled backwards is 'hannah'.

of course Jake, in true male fashion, has to pester her about being the same age.  she's a pretty good sport about it, though.  and after a while he gives up.  

gosh.  where has the time gone?  it seems like yesterday these two were running around in diapers with pacifiers hanging out of their mouths.  before I know it I'll be watching them chase their own little diaper butts around.  won't that be great! (although I'll probably still have one of those myself...but, uh...let's just not think about that right now.)

happy birthday, jake!  I promise I'll make you a cake!  although at 7000 ft. elevation I can't get them to bake!

and I'm such a flake.  

anyway, have a great friday!



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