one of those days.

orange you glad it's tuesday and not monday all over again? 

yesterday was one of those mondays that I thought would never end.  (or so it seemed...read on.)   

and it should have been better being it was the first day of march, which signifies that spring is indeed around the corner.  but even that wasn't making it any better.  it was destined to be an ugly day.   

I had bags to unpack and a weekend's worth of laundry to do which involved more elbow grease than usual due to the dried up mud, stuck on candy and gooey texas sheet cake stains on the kids' clothes. 

I had a house that was left in a semi-tornado state after hurriedly packing up to head out of town for the weekend to deal with.

I had some last ebay stuff to package up and ship out.

I had a few miscellaneous items in the fridge and cupboards, which would definitely call for some creativity on my part in order to put something together for dinner, and no time to squeeze in a trip to the grocery store.

I had pictures I wanted to download and edit from the weekend.

and I had three tired, cranky and demanding kids making it extremely difficult for me to get any of these things accomplished.  the day was getting uglier by the minute.

I felt like a mouse running in a wheel.  moving like crazy, but going nowhere fast. do I call the maid?  oh wait, that would be me.  do I throw myself a pity party? but I would be the only attendee.  

and then I remembered.  the stuff I sold on ebay.  I had some spending money. (gasp)  yes, my very own to use however I please.  so I took a quick break and did a little on-line shopping.  (my wish list, remember?)  and the effect was immediate.  the spring returned to my step and with renewed energy I finished up my tasks.  I even made it to the grocery store after the kids got home from school.  oh glorious day!

nothing like a little retail therapy.  works every time.  guaranteed. 

PS.  I'm really glad february is over.  and I think they are too.


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