what to do?

yes, that is the question I've been contemplating for quite some time now.  

sometimes I think "sure, no problem."  and at other times I think, "no way. where do I even start?"

and I suppose by now you're very curious as to what I could possibly be talking about.  am I right?  or maybe some of you have already guessed.

so here it is:  drum roll, please.  do I start up a photography business or not?

and with that comes another whole slew of questions:  how do I get clients?  do I have the right equipment?   do I even know how to edit properly?  where do I find the time in my already busy life?  what would I charge?  how do I get people to pose...do I act corny?  I'm not a very 'take charge' type of person.  what about locations and lighting techniques?    

my personality tends to be more pessimistic (gee thanks, dad) and maybe a little lacking in the self-confidence department and that's most likely what has been holding me back. 

with that said, I need some feedback.  are my pictures just okay? drab? so-so? great? fabulous?   are the poses creative enough?  what about the compositions of the pictures?  would you hire me?  ack!   shoot me a comment and let me know what you think.

Blog it board

these are a few shots I took of Chloe last weekend. (click to make bigger)  it was a cloudy day and I tend to like a more sun-shiny look but I think it fits the "mood" okay.

Blog it board rowan
and this was a photo shoot I did a while back of Rowan.  he's such a character...when I can get him to cooperate, that is.

so here are a few pictures to critique, anyway.  maybe I need to post some more?  





Anonymous said...

They're all phenomenal! I am in the photography world, so I know. [I actually have a bachelor's degree in Photography] Keep Postin' & Keep Clickin'!

MomOfTwo said...

Love all your photos and your blog! New follower. :)