out for lunch.

do you ever have days where you just say "forget the housework it's not going anywhere" and pack up and head out?  there's nothing like getting out and enjoying a little fresh air and a change of scenery to clear the ol' noggin.  if not that, then at least a reason to get in the shower and out of those stretch pants (yep, the faded black ones) and do your hair.  just sayin'.

so when the girls asked to go somewhere for lunch last week, I gladly obliged.  it sounded much better than scrounging through the cupboards at home to find something remotely edible.  plus, it meant one less mess for me to clean up. sweet.  

as I was getting ready, I could hear them debating...Mc Donald's or Wendy's...Mc Donald's or Wendy's.  ick.  since neither of those places were sounding particularly appetizing to me, I convinced them that they should expand their horizons beyond the happy meal and try somewhere different.  we ended up at wildflower, a soup, salad and sandwich place that opened up a couple months ago.  the girls ordered up grilled cheese and PB&J, which they shared with Rowan. 

  IMG_0457 IMG_0451 



why do they insist on tilting the cup up when there's a straw?  I'll never figure it out.



looks like he enjoyed it, anyway.  and I was happy not to have to choke down a greasy cheeseburger!


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