toddler must move out.

all good things must come to an end.  and that time is now.

believe it or not, Rowan, the little monkey man, has been schlepping around in our bedroom since the day he came home from the hospital.  namely due to the fact that there has been simply no where else to put him.  I have gotten quite used to his snorts and sighs and clunks and rolls and the occasional wail in the middle of the night, but now, with the impending arrival of another, he must leave and go elsewhere.

"oh, this is so depressing!  can you believe it?  they're going to give me the boot!  I'll just bury my face in my hands and cry.  waaaaaa."   

the boys agreed that he could sleep with them for now.  Rowan is usually up and raring to go by 7, the same time that the boys roll out to get ready for school anyway, so there wouldn't be that conflict of interest. 

but what to sleep him on?  do I pick up another twin sized bed?  the other 2 boys are on bunk beds.  or do I get him a toddler bed?  I have never owned one, but it seems like it would save on space, which is very much at a premium around here.  hmmm...

so I started browsing around on-line and came across this super fun and mod little toddler bed.  check it:


is this not the coolest thing you've ever laid eyes on?  and it even folds up into a chair when you don't need it as a bed anymore.  add some fun bedding:


and I think he would be in hog heaven!  his very own "big boy" bed.

"what?  my very own bed?  you've got to be kidding!  maybe it won't be so bad after all!"   

the tricky part will be if he stays in the bed.  and doesn't come racing out the door every 5 seconds.  *sigh*  sounds like a good job for dad.  it is the mom's responsibility to delegate, right?  




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