crafty weekend.

I had the privilege to be a part of a ladies' get-together fundraiser at Jeannette's cabin this past weekend.  it's definitely a made-to-order cabin for these kind of events.  a big, open great room with lots of space to set up tables, comfy couches to relax on while you sip coffee, and a bunk house out back provides additional sleeping quarters.  gee, I sound like a realtor, or something.    


visiting in the great room saturday morning.IMG_2227

it was so fun and relaxing!  everyone brought projects to work on, including sewing, knitting, card making, and crocheting.  six sewing machines hummed away.  there was also a planned project, but I will touch more on that tomorrow.  

Ladies2yummy, crafty goodness!  busy bees working hard.

and let's not forget the food!  picture this.  four hospitable ladies hustling and bustling in the kitchen, preparing all of your meals while you sit back and craft the day away.  sounds like quite the life, doesn't it?  if only every day I could be so spoiled!  hmmm...I may have to look into something like this. 

IMG_2199friday evening featured hors d'oeuvres and entertaining French chefs. "mademoiselles!  zi food is now being served!"  we all got a serious laugh out of this!

IMG_2264saturday lunch was Asian inspired.  here is ting ting and ming ming, inviting us to eat.

IMG_2265delicious asian chicken salads.

IMG_2267and crab puffs.  simply out of this world!

I didn't take pictures of every dish but they were all totally amazing!  saturday snack was Mexican fair, followed by an authentic Italian dinner complete with homemade manicotti.  mama mia! 

it was such a fun weekend!  looking forward to next year...ahem, ladies?  hee hee. (easy for me to say when I'm not the one doing the work, right?  ;)

details on the "project" coming tomorrow.  stay tuned!


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