featured home.

Last fall, Gary and I purchased a "fixer-upper" house.  he diligently spent hour upon hour, tearing down walls, painting, putting in new flooring, re-doing the bathrooms (new vanities, tiled showers and floors), updating fixtures, remodeling the kitchen (granite countertops, new cabinets and appliances), amongst other things.  it has been on the market since mid-december and as of recently, with the nicer weather, has had quite a few showings.  the "right" buyer has yet to come along.

well, the realtor that we have it listed with called Gary the other day, saying that USA Today had contacted him wanting to write up an article on prime summer vacation spots, which included Flagstaff.  the guy from the newspaper was wondering if there were any year-round/summer homes on the market that could be featured in his article.  "oh yeah!  we happen to have the perfect house!", he tells him. 

so check it out...our house featured in USA Today.  now we have national coverage on it.  sweet!  our house is the one on the left. 

anyone need a new, or second home?

have a great weekend!


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