Easter festivities.

for some odd reason, the Easter Bunny has faithfully missed our house year after year.  I know.  my poor deprived children.  all these years and no Easter Bunny.  no candy, no toys, no dyed eggs.  nothing.

this year was different.  for some odd reason, he made an appearance. 


he didn't bring an overabundance of goodies.  just a little something.  and he didn't hide the goodies, either.  because there wasn't time for finding the goodies. so when the kids woke up, they were wondering why all this stuff was sitting on the table.  they had never seen the likes.


but they were sure happy about it.  and it kept them occupied on our drive down to Phoenix.

and now a few other snapshots from the day.


a cute one of Myra.


the boys.  it was 40 degrees and windy in Flag when we left.  and no, I wouldn't make my boys wear shorts in that kind of weather.  but I knew it would be near 80 for the high in Phoenix.  I had about 1 minute 15 seconds to fire off a few shots... 


before they were freezing.  this is definitely an outtake.  Rowan had had enough. still rather humorous, though.



of course there was an Easter egg hunt=more sugar :)


and then we went to the park where some blood was shed.  yes, Chloe biffed it on rollerblades and skinned up her knee a good one (poor thing) and then Rowan fell off a piece of playground equipment and bit through his lip.  oh boy.  after 2 out of the 8 kids received injuries, we decided we better go while the going was good. 


when all was said and done, though, it couldn't have been a more enjoyable day.


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