in the midst of chaos.

I've been trying not to talk about or mention, or even remotely infer that I am overwhelmed because I am sick of hearing myself say that word.  but I am.  and I do feel better venting about it.  I've come to the conclusion that "parenthood" is just a nice way to say "indentured slavery to eight adorable dictators".  I admit my temper has been short as of late and before a request can even form on the kids' lips, I've already blurted out "no" for the answer.  and it seems like that ugly two letter word is all I've been saying lately.


my kids were on a pet streak for a while and it drove me nuts.  they begged every day.

mom, can I get a ferret?  a ferret?  are you serious?  no way on earth am I living in the same house as a ferret.  how about a hermit crab?  NO.  a goldfish, then? they're only 13 cents.  argh.  absolutely not. (I already live in a zoo. don't.need.more.animals.)

then, there's always the things they really, REALLY need.  not want, but need.

mom, can I bike to the mall?  I suppose.  can I have $20 to buy that sweatshirt I really want?  *sigh*  no, honey, it just doesn't work that way.

mom, I really want this new game for my PSP.  if you buy it for me, I PROMISE I'll do any jobs you ask me to do.  and I'll never complain about doing them again. (pfft.  famous last words.  do I look like a sucker, or what?)  NO, I don't think so.


the random requests are always interesting.

mom, can I save this egg carton?  for what?  uh, I'm not sure yet.  ummm...no, like I need garbage accumulating in your room.

mom, can we go to the aquaplex...like right now?  just drop everything and run?  sorry, no can do.

of course there's other things (besides the kids) I've said no to.

like exercise *gasp wheeze too many contractions I'm about to pop* and organizing my closet.  maybe another day or week or month.  I said no to looking at a rental.  I told the hubby I have too much blog reading cleaning to do.

I also said no to supper last night.  I told the kids to scrounge around and find something delicious.  after they told me they couldn't find anything delicious, I gave in and made pancakes.  oh, yum.


I wish I looked like this when making dinner.  and if only the kids would be so happy about what I made.


but this is probably more realistic.  you eat what I make...or else!  grrr.

can you tell I'm a little stressed?  hopefully today is more of a "yes" day.  I'm really looking forward to this weekend with the ladies at Jeannette's cabin...fun, food, relaxing, crafting, visiting.  how.many.more.days?


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