need some feedback.

okay, so I've been religiously keeping up this blog for close to 2 months now. sometimes it's been rather challenging to drudge up topics to wax philosophication on.  I mean, really, my life isn't all that exciting.  change diapers, facebook, feed people, clean, facebook, do laundry, read blogs, clean, change more diapers, facebook, feed people again, read more blogs.  anyway, you get my point.     

so, I was wondering what your overall opinions are.  I know a few of you have commented quite frequently, but how about some of the lurkers out there? maybe this will give you a little kick in the BEhind to leave a comment. 

on that note, do you think this blog is extremely:

a.) boring.  like you want to fall asleep after the first two sentences.    


b.) exciting.  you can't wait to wake up the next morning and read this.


c.) weird.  you scratch your head at times thinking this lady is a bit off her rocker.


d.) all of the above...the right mix of this and that. 


so drop me a line and let me know what you enjoy most (if anything) about reading my blog, or if there are any other pressing topics you would like me to touch upon with my wit and verve.  

thanks for your input!

and because I couldn't resist:


it's wednesday!  


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