the princess has arrived.

we joyfully welcome Scarlett Jean Kesti!  born yesterday, 4-25-2010, at 11:57 a.m.  she weighed in at 6lbs 3 oz.  truly a miracle. 

IMG_2588 copy

this was after her bath.  she came back with this hat on...I was loving the stinkin' cute pink bow!  just melt my heart, little girly!


seriously, dietary people.  why would I want a plateful of peas for my congratulatory dinner?  blech.  I know I delivered a sweet pea, but this was taking it a little far. 

I think I'll have the hubby pick me up a nice juicy CHEESEBURGER from BunHuggers and some zucchini FRIES to go with it.  and then, he can grab me a bag of CHOCOLATE to wash it all down with.  ahem, that sounds more like it.

peas.  definitely not something a ravenous "new" mom is craving.  good grief.

anyway, just a quick post.  more pictures to follow.  and that will depend on how little missy here behaves at night.


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