the miracle of birth.

nine kids later, this miracle of birth is still so breath-takingly awesome to witness.  there is nothing quite like it.  

for nine months, this little being is living and growing inside you.  God's beautiful creation.  and then, they are born, so tiny and perfect.  it never ceases to amaze me.  

and from that moment on, this new, precious miracle captivates your heart and leaves you to gaze in wonderment.  

enjoy these few photos from Scarlett's birth.

IMG_2498 Scarlett

a few captures from the delivery room.




love how she's gripping the nurse's finger.


first kiss from dad.  so sweet.


tiny baby feet.  mmm.



one day old.


a room with a view.  this was my view from the hospital window.  nice!


all dressed to go home.  

unfortunately (or maybe fortunately:) the kids were not allowed to visit at the hospital due to flu restrictions.  don't worry, I'll be sure to get some pictures of Scarlett with the rest of the bunch.  

PS. when Phoebe came home yesterday, she pointed at my belly and said, "mom, do you have another one in there?"  sigh...real encouraging.  

so much for thinking I was looking pretty good.


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