this is normal, right?


please tell me these sorts of things happen at your house.  ack!  

seriously, we weren't intentionally trying to get the most bang out of our buck on this one, nor see how far its weight carrying capacity would go before it exploded into a bajillion of those tiny gelatinous pee balls.  yeah.  the ones that you end up chasing around with your rag because they just.won't.wipe.up.   

no, it wasn't due to either of those reasons.  it was just simply overlooked. forgotten amongst the other, more pressing matters.

apparently, he didn't seem to mind.  he thought it was grand fun that he could give it a little bat and watch it swing to and fro between his legs.  I'm talkin' saturday afternoon entertainment at the kesti house, people.  cheap.  funny. amusing.

IMG_2435 copy
and this is definitely normal.  I couldn't think of a better way to use up 47 random Easter stickers, could you?


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