a perfect match.

there's a reason why marriages are made in heaven.  and this especially rings true for me being at the tail end of a pregnancy.


I interrupt this post for an important message:   

I do apologize if I'm boring you with all this talk about pregnancy and birth.  I hate to even bring it up because I can just picture all of you cringing and inwardly rolling your eyes.  oh no. here she goes again.  well, just try to bear with me. better yet, let's make this a group effort.  you can all be my cheerleaders. everyone on the count of 3...ready?  1, 2, 3...."go, Jessica!  you can do it!  only one more week!  hang in there!"  

thanks, everyone!  I feel better already.  I'm such a dork.


okay, back to the issue at hand.  we were discussing the fact that who you end up with is decidedly meant to be.  a perfect match.  think about it.  what other guy, besides your own husband, would ever put up with some other ornery, irritable, hormonal, weepy, complaining, 8.75 months along pregnant lady complete with her own quirky ways?  sounds like a daunting task.  certainly not anyone besides Gary would ever volunteer to come to my rescue.  

I couldn't even fathom having ended up with any of Gary's brothers, although I do love them all dearly.  

I remember discussing this with some ladies a long time ago.  we were literally rolling on the floor laughing just picturing ourselves with any one of our husband's brothers. (it was after midnight so this was kosher).  one lady's option in particular was like hysterically funny, but, in the interest of her well-being, I won't mention any names.  nonetheless, it definitely made for an interesting and humorous conversation.  LOL.

so, while I sit in a frump on the couch, Gary has taken over being chef extraordinaire (although pancakes 3x's in one week was a bit much), susie homemaker (he's learned to lock himself in the room he's cleaning so I can't nit pick) and chief grocery getter (I lost energy for that a while back). sounds like I have it pretty good, doesn't it?  he is truly a wonderful husband and for that I'm infinitely thankful.  so I really shouldn't complain, but...

I"M SICK OF BEING PREGNANT!  (phew, glad I got that off my chest)     

this group effort is going to be harder than you thought. :D


PS.  I promise no more preggo posts.  well, maybe I'll sneak one more in...  

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