to say these last couple weeks have been a whirlwind of sorts, would be an understatement.  my mind has been reeling trying to stay on top of it all.  I feel tired, distracted and unfocused much of the time.  maybe the postpartum thing is to blame, add in a newborn who sleeps and eats at unpredictable intervals.  or maybe it's just everything put together.  who knows.  

so, it was in the McDonald's drive thru last night, that my thoughts began to drift elsewhere.  I was alone in my vehicle, reveling in the silence.  I found myself inching forward with the rest of the cars in line, not really paying attention as to where I was and that I should be figuring out what I needed to order. 

I am brought back to earth by the crackle of the intercom and the drive thru guy asking, "may I take your order?"  shoot.  now what was I supposed to get?  

to avoid the um's and uh's and keeping the guy waiting, I quickly blurt out "what size are your nuggets?"  I cringe as I realize how bad that just sounded and say a quick prayer that his earpiece had a momentary technical glitch.  

there's a brief moment of silence and I'm hopeful that he didn't hear me.  but I can see him through the "pay here" window and it looks like he's doubled over. "well, lady", he chuckles.  "that depends if you want them super-sized or not."  

AGH!  this is so not cool.  can I just like leave?  but I needed food.   

"heh", I say sheepishly, "what I meant to ask is how many pieces do your...your...uh, whatevers come in?"  I feel like I'm digging myself into a deeper hole.  oh why are they called nuggets?  awkward! 

"4, 6, 10, 20, or 50 piece", he rattles off.  I'll take a 50...uh, piece, then.  "no need to add the nugget part", he tells me.  "we'll know what you're talking about." um, okay.   

50!  holy bal...  er...holy cow!  or should I say holy chicken?

needless to say, I could've ordered up another 50 piece for my ravenous "chicks".  

I think I'll stick with cheeseburgers from now on.


and speaking of "chicks", here's a cute one!  love those sweet little lips!

enjoy the weekend!


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