on the move.

just a quick post today.

we started the move over to our new house.  


made a couple trips with this baby loaded to the max.  mainly junk stuff that was being stored in the garage...totes, christmas decor, tools, etc.  you know...the stuff you need but hate moving from place to place.  yeah, that stuff.


our new rental.  I think it will work just fine for us.  four bedrooms + an office, a decent size kitchen and eating area.  2 1/2 baths.  dear new neighbors, enjoy your last few days of peace and quiet.  little do they know that 9 kids will soon be coveting their yard...hee hee.   

it looked in pretty good shape.  the walls were repainted, carpet shampooed. may need a little help in the kitchen...wiping down cupboards and appliances.  and I didn't study the bathrooms too closely, so they might need a touch up, as well.

do I sound too picky?  I'm not really interested in moving into someone else's grunge, though.  according to the hubby, it's "just fine".  well, call me a neat freak.  I don't care.  

so, we'll move a couple more trailer-fuls today and tomorrow and do the big stuff when help arrives on saturday.  you guys ready? :)  oh, it will be so much fun!

and because I just couldn't resist:

IMG_2924 copy

mmm...can't you just imagine that yummy newborn smell? 

so sweet.


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