hormones(?) and desert beauty.

there are too many hormones swishing around in this body of mine for me to be able to write anything comprehensible for today.  my thoughts are like bubbles that form and burst in rapid succession.  did someone empty the dryer lint trap?  it could start a fire.  I love lemon pie!  does my family think I'm cuckoo?  asparagus!  It's a weird existence, this postpartum stuff.  

so, instead of rambling on about something I may later regret, I'll share these pictures from our little jaunt during spring break.


it was decided that we ('we' as in us and the Keith Kesti family) would head to the White Tanks located in the west valley.  White Tanks?  I glanced down at my glowing white then preggo legs and thought, gee, I already have a set of White Tanks.  see?  I'm already getting myself into trouble.

due to all the rain the valley received over the course of the winter, the desert was very lush and green.  hard to imagine, right?  usually when you think desert, the terms brown, arid, and barren come to mind.  it's difficult to appreciate the true beauty of the desert, unless you've actually lived or visited there.


the yellow wildflowers were gorgeous.  and so were these other two desert beauties we came across. 


pausing for a quick rest along the trail.  I was usually the one bringing up the rear with my White Tanks and ginormous belly, wielding a huge camera to boot. fellow hikers, beware!


miss Chloe.


the trail ended at a waterfall.  what?!  water in the desert?  you bet!  and it felt wonderfully refreshing after the hike!  the kids explored and climbed rocks for a while.  and then it was time to head back down the trail. 


more spectacular views. 


we found a ramada near a playground and grilled up some hotdogs and brats. the kids burned off more energy.  and this was an interesting piece of playground equipment.


the kids discovered that if they filled the cooler with water and brought it over to the sand box, it was like being at the beach.  with mountains and cacti. (cactuses?)  Rowan especially enjoyed this as you can see.  


it was a super fun day at the White Tanks.  

and in the end, my White Tanks turned a nice shade of red.  ouch!


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