I'm back.

hmmm.  where to even begin?

I know it's only been a few days, but it's felt more like a few weeks/months/years.  I've come to the sad realization that I have a pathetic addiction to the internet.  I mean, come on, I can't even survive four days? what's wrong with me?  

and what's wrong with our internet carrier?  I won't mention their name, but it starts with 'Q' and ends in 'west'.  no, they couldn't just simply switch over the internet to our new address.  they had to schedule an appointment.  schedule? really?  what's up with that?  how difficult is it to make the switch?  grr.     

and so, in the meantime, I was desperately trying to sponge off someone else's unsecured network to get my fix, but the connection was pretty sketchy at best. needless to say, I had a lot of idle time on my hands.  amazing, the things I was able to accomplish without the temptation of going on-line for just a quick facebook update or just a quick peek at a few blogs.

anyway, we moved into our new place last saturday with the help of friends and family.  (I extend a grateful "thank you" to those of you that were involved in helping with that huge job.  we could have never done it without you :)  

are we settled?  um, let's just say we're getting there.  the standard answer to any question regarding where something might be, is "in a box in the garage". oh, really.  let me guess.  could it possibly be that brown one?

I hope all of you moms had an enjoyable mother's day.  my kids pampered me with gifts this year, in addition to the homemade school projects.  to start the day off, they all paraded down the stairs singing the "happy mother's day" song.  it was very touching and sweet.  Gary and I even got to escape out for dinner, a much needed mental health break after the stress of the move. 

my dear aunt Becca took my two little girls for a few days and spoiled them silly. they had to quickly conform back to the "survival of the fittest" mode upon their return.  

also, on tuesday night, my other dear aunt Debbie arrived in town.  she will be here through the weekend to help us out.  in fact, as I sit here on my behind blogging, she's in the kitchen fixing dinner and baking chocolate chip cookies. my own personal assistant.  I'm so ridiculously spoiled.  gee, I should have babies more often.  just kidding about that.  seriously.

myra wrote me a sweet letter for mother's day, so I'll share it with you.


I was cracking up about the "extremely pretty and fancy" part.



balloons, chocolate, flowers, a Starbuck's gift card and a bath and body basket. I would dare say that my kids certainly know me.  it was such a treat! 

now if you'll excuse me, I better get back to perching on my throne.   

can someone please bring me another chocolate chip cookie?  and a glass of milk?  thanks.


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