pasty, a play, and peter piper.

it was hard to say good-bye to aunt Debbie.  she spent four days straight in my kitchen, cooking and baking up a storm.  and when she wasn't in the kitchen, she played and read books with the kids and rocked Rowan to sleep for his nap (he won't stay in his bed).  it was such a treat!  and it was fun visiting with her, as well.

our freezer is now stocked with food for about ten meals.  let's see, we can choose from: meatballs; chicken enchiladas; shredded beef--- to make burritos and BBQ sandwiches; browned hamburger--- to pull out for a quick spaghetti or taco dinner; lasagna (made by Becca); shredded cooked chicken for casseroles, soups and quesadillas; grilled teriyaki chicken for salads and over rice with veggies and three meals worth of pastys.  delish:


yessiree, Debbie is the pasty queen---if there is such a thing.  she has it down to a science.  at one point during her pasty-making, I noticed her rummaging around my cupboards.  "what are you looking for?", I ask her, wondering what could possibly be missing in my state of the art kitchen.  ha.  "a rolling pin", she replies. "uh, actually, I don't own one", I admit---quite embarrassed.  (I'm just not into rolling dough, though, you know?)  so, she had to run out real quick like and buy one.  oops.  I guess I own one now! 


as an added bonus, she also got to attend Myra's 3rd grade class play, "A Vacation to Mars". (Myra is the one in the glasses with the cheesy smile.) actually, it was really cute and nicely done.  Myra played one of the tour guides and she did a great job!  unfortunately, it was too dark in the school to take pictures :(

afterwards, she took the kids to Peter Piper Pizza.  isn't she a fun aunt?  she sure enjoys the kids!  I'm SO glad she came to spend time with us!


PS. I forgot to mention that Debbie also made two batches of chocolate chip cookies and o'henry bars to satisfy my sweet tooth.  oh, am I suppose to share? I guess I'll be nice and let the rest of the peeps have at least one of each.  that sounds fair, right?  RIGHT? 

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