my little partner.


Rowan loves his new sister, Scarlett, loves holding her and laughing at her newborn scrunchy face...  

and it didn't take him long to figure out that when I sit down on the couch to feed her, it makes me entirely immobile for a period of time.  which means it's his chance to get into all sorts of trouble.  oh yes.  big trouble.  

he's in the fridge opening yogurts, in the pantry emptying cereal boxes, in the bathroom unrolling toilet paper, in the laundry room pressing the cancel button on the washing machine as it's in mid-cycle, he's here and there and everywhere he knows he shouldn't be.  

and so it's the constant battle: set Scarlett down to go get Rowan out of whatever he's into, Scarlett starts wailing, go back to feeding her, Rowan gets into something else, stop feeding Scarlett again to go get Rowan out of whatever he's into again, Scarlett starts wailing again...and round and round we go.  it makes my blood pressure soar to unhealthy heights. 

I'm sure it has been a rough transition for him amidst all the upheaval, bless his heart.  it makes me wonder what's going on in that little noggin of his.  the lack of attention hasn't helped matters either.  he's just been left sort of floating around.

so, yesterday afternoon, when Scarlett was sleeping and the girls were occupied on the computer, I brought him outside and we had a little one on one time.  we kicked the ball around for a while.  and when he got tired of that, we played hide and seek amongst the pine trees.  I bounced him on the tramp and laughed as he squealed in delight.  and then we wandered over to pet the neighbor's dog who had come outside.  and when that got old, we heard Scarlett crying inside.

I know it's been tough on this boy the past few weeks.  I wish there was a switch that could just fast forward through this part.  we'll make it through...just like we have with all the others.

because if we didn't have him, who else would present me with their freshly picked boogers?  or spit out chewed up almonds in my hand?  I would certainly miss those things.    

yep, there's no doubt about it.  I love him to pieces.



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