yep.  that's the name of the new wildlife park which just opened up last week in the spectacular town of Williams, Arizona.  I don't think I could've come up with a more original name if I tried.  and I bet you can't guess what kind of animals reside in this park.  hmmm...could it possibly be bears?  oh you're so smart. 

so this is one of those drive thru kind of deals where they try and scare you to death by informing all visitors to "please keep any flailing limbs, roving eyeballs and swivel necks inside your vehicle at all times."  wait.  are we in Arizona or Africa here, people?  or did burros suddenly become savage beasts of attack? puh-lease.  "and furthermore, don't tempt the animals into coming closer by hanging your child out the window." actually, I just made that up.         

anyway, because they were still in the process of adding the finishing touches to the park, admission was free over the memorial day weekend for locals only. that's F R double E free, folks.  and what cheap Finlander wouldn't jump at the chance to get somethin' for nothin', right?  so we (us, Ruth and Mark and Keith and Kim) packed up the chillins and beat cheeks out to Williams to see what all the fuss was about.


as you can see by the look on this little girl's face, you'd best prepare yourself to be both amazed and awe-struck.  

for what you are about to witness is not for the faint of heart.  if this is you, please exit your browser this instant.  repeat: this is your last warning.


okay, so maybe I was exaggerating just a wee bit.  and this is where I turn into the annoying tour guide with the nasal voice.  "folks, if you look above and to your left, you'll notice behind that tree, the one with the bark on it, is a big horn sheep.  now shift your gaze over to the right and you'll notice some bison grazing on what looks like green hay."  and this is where I quit my tour guide job.  the pay was rotten.


let the fun begin.  we are now entering the bear zone. *insert scary music here* we have mama bear:


don't be scared, it's just me.  and they didn't say we had to keep our cameras inside the vehicle.  if you look behind us you can see Keith and Kim choking on our exhaust.  "say hi!"


if you look real close, you might just see a bear or two.


look out dude...or you're going to get run over.  and there's Ruth and Mark in front of us!  let's all wave to them, now!


we told Sawyer, "see?  even bears take baths.  so that means you should, too." he just looked at us cross-eyed and laughed.  well it was worth a try.


guess I didn't look like bear food.  he seemed rather bored with the whole ordeal.


apparently goldilocks and her two sidekicks weren't bored.  they were excited to go check out the bear cubs.  yahoo!


they were really cute and playful.


and so were the almost two year olds.


who's this cute, little bear?


we had kids on mom's shoulders and kids on dad's shoulders.

and everyone had a fun time!  

stayed tuned for more excitement in the spectacular town of Williams, Arizona...where the men are cowboys and the women are hussies.  and the children are all scared of gun shots. 



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