catch-up day.

WOW.  stay tuned for an action-packed week, including conquering Humphreys peak (yes, I did it!), a father's day BBQ at the park, wild fires in our hometown, and a sweet treat recipe.  I'll try to keep it interesting, okay?

playing catch-up today.  you know, like laundry and all that awful fun stuff.  I'll look on the bright side...a pile of dirty, stinky clothes signifies a busy, fun-filled weekend, right?  just trying to stay positive.  grumble.mutter.stomp.  who am I trying to kid?  

I'll leave you with a few shots from (super)dad's day.  taken by (mediocre)mom.  



Scarlett loves her daddy. 

(psst...and so do I. :)


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