La Grande Orange.

just a quick recap from my latest shopping adventure.

my aunt suggested we make a trip to La Grande Orange.  she said it would be right up my alley and boy was she right!  this place is so urban cool!  definitely eye candy-licious.  it's a grocery store/gift shop/candy store/eatery all rolled into one for your shopping convenience.  I would love to own something like this. sigh.  

good thing dreams are free... 


IMG_4109 IMG_4107 IMG_4110

I absolutely loved the colorful candy displays...and would have taken more pictures of the rest of the store but was told (nicely, of course) that photos are NOT allowed.  oh shucks anyway.


"life's uncertain, eat dessert first."  most definitely a quote to live by.

I was also told the food is out of this world, but who needs food when there's red velvet cake to be scarfed?  mmm-mm.  I see that drool on your chin.  and let me tell you.  this, my friends, is why diets are meant to be broken.  diet...what diet? more like I'll "di" if I don't "et".  (tell me, how could I have resisted?)

and don't tell me you could've said "no" to this.  because I wouldn't even believe you.  not for a minute.       

I claim I only ate half...at a time.  plus, Scarlett told me she had a hankering for red velvet cake.  and that would've been just plain wrong to deny her craving for something sweet.


isn't that right, sweetie?  Scarlett?  hey, wake up sleepy head!  you need to stick up for me here.  I don't want anyone thinking I'm piggish.  oh bother.  

I'll start my diet next monday.  or maybe the first monday of next month.  or how about the first monday of next year?   


PS. the hat Scarlett has on in the picture is not hers.  although I would love for it to be.  my aunt and I went to this boutique just around the corner from La Grande Orange and let's just say I could've bought a small car for the price of some of the clothing.  yikes.  so instead, we just used Scarlett as our model, took pictures and left.  hey, it was cheap fun.  

which leads me to this question:  I want to know who spends this kind of money on their kids' clothes?  I would be a nervous wreck if my child had on a $56 t-shirt: 

don't you dare play outside, you might get a hole in your t-shirt. 

I know you're 10, but could you take your t-shirt off while you eat that chocolate ice cream cone?  you might stain it.

whoa, careful.  don't wipe those greasy hands on your t-shirt.  that would for sure ruin it.   

in fact, why don't you just sit on the couch with your hands folded and don't move.

sounds way too stressful, doesn't it? 

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