school's out.

and the verdict is in: only 11 more weeks until school starts.  pfft, of course I'm already counting down.  aren't you?  

Scarlett and I...we'll get along just fine, though.  won't we, darlin'?  *sob*  


anyway, I somehow managed to survive the first two days, and then quickly made a mad dash to Phoenix for the weekend.  coincidence?   I think not.  that was definitely some premeditated planning on my part namely for these reasons: a.) I knew that after two days of rat race I would already be going crazy and b.) what better way to calm the frazzled nerves than with some good old retail therapy?  

it sure was a nice little reprieve. (I'll touch on that later.)

so now it's back to reality.  and whether I want to accept it or not, summer has officially arrived with a bang...


or buzz cut, rather.  oh dear.  with that look, I can't even begin to imagine the kind of crazies he's got up his sleeve.  heaven help us all. 

but don't worry, I have some of my own tricks ideas up my sleeve in hopes of keeping boredom at bay and the fighting to at least a dull roar.  let's pray I can muster up enough energy to actually follow through and not fizzle out.

and I also just remembered I promised a gun fight, too.  

up next: shopping and gun fights. (hmmm...that sounds like a rather interesting topic now, doesn't it?)


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