a whole lot of random.

I've had a few random thoughts plaguing me lately so I felt compelled to share them.


1.) I may have to rethink my blogging schedule.  all of the sudden life went from full speed ahead to like whoa! crazy out of control once school let out.  that leaves me flying by the seat of my pants.  besides, I'm thinking people will be too busy to read this thing during the summer anyway.  am I right?


2.) so I returned home after running a few errands yesterday and was greeted by a garage door that was sagging off its track and a 7 year old madly pacing the garage like a caged animal.  lovely, I know.  apparently, he had the bright idea to hang onto the door as it was opening.  big oops.  it makes me wonder if I'm raising a bunch of kids with rocks for brains, or what?  geez louise.


3.) there should be an unwritten rule that prohibits parents from acquiring acne at the same time as their adolescent offspring.  yeah, sure, a 13 year old can pull off a face full of zits--that's the norm.  but me?  at age 33?  it seems my face has decided to erupt in zit-tastic proportions.  definitely not good.  I'll blame it on those annoying hormones again.


4.) last week I exhumed myself from off of the couch and resumed exercising.  (I've got a 12,600 some odd foot mountain to summit in less than two weeks.  sound crazy?) so I pulled out my trusty trail tennies, (say that 10 times fast) blew off the dust and proceeded to gasp my way through the fatmans loop.  I felt jiggling in places I'd rather not and thought my inner thighs might actually ignite due to all the friction going on.  eep. 

we went again last evening (the third go-around), and though I still felt like I was part of the out-of-breath league, I managed to run the whole way down.  the hubby and I raced the last little bit and he kicked on the after burners and pulled into the lead just as we crossed the finish line.  hmph.  well, he doesn't have 9 kids under his belt (literally) like I do.  anyway, I'm hoping that between fatmans and the big(gest) loser Jillian, I'll be able to whip it into shape.  wish me luck.

5.) Scarlett's baptism is tonight down in Phoenix.   we'll fly down there this afternoon in our luxurious great white shark, spend a few hours, and then trudge back up the hill.  it'll be a long day, but fun.

last but not least:

6.) the other night I had this wonderful dream that I slept for eight solid hours.  but then I woke up.

that was all I had for now.


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