and the winner is...


"Okay, here goes nothing. I never win but putting my name in will give others a better chance!" 

well, Selma, looks like all that optimism paid off!  LOL ;)

congratulations and happy shopping! 

(I will email you the details.)


as a side note, I'd like to thank everyone for the thoughtful and encouraging comments on monday's post.  I was feeling rather, well, flustered and teary-eyed after reading them all.  

I admit I was somewhat nervous, scared even, about this whole blogging thing at first. I had toyed on and off with the idea of starting a blog and always ended up getting cold feet.  we had a family blog going, more or less to keep in touch, that I would post stories and pictures on.  it wasn't until after I went gung-ho over photography that I really began flooding the family blog with my pictures, nearly threatening to take it over.

my sister-in-law Kim 

kept telling me, "look, you're posting about 90% of the stuff on the family blog, why don't you just start your own blog already?"  but each time I would come back with some sort of lame excuse or another.  who would actually read it? or what would I even have to write about? were the two that plagued me the most.

so, whether it was Kim's persistence that finally did me in or the fear that I might get booted off the family blog for being such a blog hog (LOL), I bit the bullet and published my first ever post.  

I remembered thinking, well, here goes nothing... if anything, it would be a journal for my thoughts and photos and a living legacy, if you will, for my children... 

so that they could look back at the stories and pictures and think, wow, we did all those crazy things?  poor mom, it's a miracle she didn't disown us.  ;)

and well, the rest is history.


I'm off to mother/daughter camp with these giggly girls!

have a great weekend!


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