an unexpected surprise.

I arrived home from camp yesterday afternoon thoroughly exhausted, but refreshed (does that make any sense?).  as I was hauling my stuff in, I noticed a small package sitting on the kitchen counter.  hmmm...what could that be?  curious, I set my bag down and made my way into the kitchen to investigate. 

a quick glance at the sender's address, revealed that it was from Gary's brother Dan and his wife Teija, who live 'across the pond' in Sweden.  I ventured to guess that it was most likely a baby gift for Scarlett, and my face immediately lit up at the notion. (I know that sounds corny, but come on.  who doesn't enjoy getting a package in the mail?)

now, I've always admired Teija's style.  think cutting edge and fashion forward, if you know what I mean.  her and Dan are Ella's Godparents, and she (I say "she" because I'm 99.9% positive Dan is not involved in the gift choosing, and that his name appears on the card strictly for etiquette purposes) always sends the most darling things for Ella on her birthday.

I tore open the package and peeked inside, curious as to what kind of goodies she had sent this time.  I squealed in delight as I pulled out this trendy European outfit for Scarlett:


a little swing top and some jean leggings.  she's looking like quite the fashionista, don't you think?

and being the nice sister-in-law that she is, she threw in a little something for me, too:


I heart Swedish chocolate!

yes, us females need to look out for each other.

thanks, guys!


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