look who's two!

the crime perpetrator Rowan is two today!  and he's just as spunky and energetic (and cute :) as ever.  he has started to expand his vocabulary and is making great leaps and bounds.  his top ten words include:

  1. daddy

  2. milk

  3. mine

  4. daddy

  5. mine

  6. milk

  7. mine

  8. daddy

  9. milk

  10. daddy

wait a minute!  why am I not on this list?  huh? 

oh yeah, that's right.  I was pretty much demoted once Scarlett showed up. 

forget you, mom, if all you're going to do is fuss over this thing that just poops and cries.  like what's the big deal?  I can do that, too.  hmph.

and I'm also good at laughing at my silly dad:

IMG_6336 IMG_6337

IMG_6359 IMG_6360

IMG_6350 IMG_6354 copy

happy birthday, big guy!

I still love you even if I'm second or third...or the last one you run to. :)

until monday...I will have an awesome giveaway to announce!


PS. party at the park tonight.  it's going to be epic like two year old
parties always are.  just bring your own advil...

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