on large families. and what a blessing they are.

I was an only child

I never had to babysit younger siblings or change any poop diapers.  I didn't have anyone to fight with or pick on, or even be picked on, for that matter.  it was just me (and my care bears and cabbage patch dolls). the spoiled brat that got whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. (maybe my hubby would argue this still holds true. :) I remember our house being so quiet, you could practically hear your own thoughts.  but, it was sooo boring.  I wanted action.  craved it, even.    

growing up, most of my friends came from large families, so I made it a point to spend as much time as I could at their houses.  if the parents got sick of me, they never said as much.  there were so many kids, they probably didn't even notice I was there!  hee.  

when it came time for me to go home, I never wanted to leave.  I knew that after I left, my friends still had their siblings to play (or fight) with.  I had no one.  I was jealous of them. (although a few would probably admit they were jealous of me. you're so lucky...you get to have your own room! :)  

from that point on, I prayed that if I would be able to have kids, I would hopefully have a whole slew of them.

well, it turns out all that praying paid off.  

we were just as excited to have our ninth baby as we were with our first.  

every time, it's been love at first sight.

IMG_6038 copy

it always amazes me the joy a baby brings into the family.  even though it's only been a couple of months, we couldn't imagine life without her.

IMG_6039 copy

they are so precious and sweet.  and kissable.  mmm. 

IMG_6042 copy

yep, we've certainly been blessed! 

and let me tell you, there is more action around here than I had ever dreamed possible.

(but I wouldn't change it for the world.)


PS. Gary took these photos.  it only took him 10 tries instead of 20 to get it right. :)  he's getting better!

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