grasshopper point.

we discovered this delightful swimming hole last summer near Sedona and vowed we would make it back someday.  well, that someday happened to be last sunday.

but first let me preface our adventure to grasshopper point with these few words:

we had just finished listening on-line to a church service. (it's been wonderful to have that option, as it's not always feasible to make it to church, living so far away.)  I was feeling rather down in the dumps, though, wishing we could actually be at church this time, partaking in the fellowship that follows the service.  I was longing to visit with friends and family.  instead, we stared blankly at the now quiet and empty computer screen.

Gary broke the silence, his words mirroring my exact thoughts: "well, now what?" 

yeah.  what now?  

spend the day cooped up in this house staring at each other? {barf}

deal with whiny kids asking, "what is there to dooo?" every other second? {hurl}

we tossed around a few possibilities; the park, the aquaplex, a hike.  none of which sparked any interest.

it was one of the kids that suggested, "hey!  how about we go to grasshopper point?"

hmmm...now you're talking.  cliff jumping, ripe blackberries, gorgeous scenery.  "let's go!"  

it's amazing how fast kids can hop in the car when there's somewhere exciting to go.  no prodding necessary.

we made a quick stop at Walmart for some water and snacks where we spotted the truck-driving dog.

finally reaching our destination:

IMG_6003 IMG_6006

the older kids immediately headed for the 30 ft. cliff.  Myra casually walked up and leaped off, leaving the guy sitting on the rock up there only to shake his head in astonishment.  he was sweating like a pig, not daring to jump.


a little closer look.  then Jake soared off and the guy shook his head again, his rear still firmly plastered to that rock. (after much coaxing from his buddies, he did eventually jump.  I may or may not have seen him check his pants afterward.)


IMG_6024 copy

we found a thicket of ripe blackberries and picked a bunch.  the kids devoured them.  yum.


IMG_6008 IMG_6030





gorgeous scenery and greenery along the creek.


I told Ella to take a big sniff of the flower.  guess she took my words to heart. :)


  IMG_6092 copy

I couldn't decide: black and white or color?  what's your fave?



Rowan didn't venture too far from the package of oreos. (we should have bought the grasshopper variety; just thought of that now.)  between those and watching a couple of dogs race around, he kept himself occupied, as you can see.  

and I'll give you one guess as to what the contents of his diaper looked like the next day.  yeah...  well, I'll spare you the deets this time.

another week come and gone.  how did it get to be mid-July already?

anyway, have a good one!


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