San Diego Part II: Lego Land.

the thought of taking 17 kids, ages 13 and under, to a huge theme park seemed like a rather daunting task.  especially when there are babies and strollers and all that paraphernalia to lug around.  so, it was decided that Gary and Mark would hang out with the little ones at the KOA, while Ruth and I took the 7-12 year-olds. that left us with only 10 kids to herd around instead of 17.  piece of cake, really. smirk. 

we arrived at Lego Land before the gates opened and jumped in line.  while we waited for the park to open, the 10 eager 7-12 year-olds grabbed a map and plotted out our plan of attack for the day.


lets start here.  no, here.  how about over here?  chattered the 10 excited 7-12 year-olds.


when it came time for the park to open, a Lego Land employee needed a special person to help turn the key that would officially open Lego Land for the day.  that special person happened to be Jennah.  lucky her!



first stop: a photo of the 10 enthusiastic 7-12 year-olds with Lego guy.  

there were amazing creations made out of Lego's everywhere, including this one on the right.  bet you can't guess who it is! (think E=mc2.)


the roller coasters were a hit with the 10 fearless 7-12 year-olds.



on this ride, you could choose your own level of intensity from 1-5, with 5 being the most intense.  these two boys chose 5, of course.  I felt woozy just watching them get flipped around from side to side and upside down.  urk. (for the record, level 2 was plenty intense for me.)


Jennah made a new Lego friend.  handsome!


a power tower where you use your own power to race to the top.  not a problem for the 10 energetic 7-12 year-olds.



Lego's, Lego's and more Lego's.


a volvo constructed out of guess what?  yep, Lego's.


why 7 year-olds aren't allowed to get a "real" driver's license.  uh, I think he needs a few more driving lessons first.  


and then it was off to the water park with the 10 steaming hot 7-12 year-olds. ahhh...refreshing!


the 10 happy 7-12 year-olds had boatloads of fun.  

although I think they wore the 2 savvy 33 year-olds out!

Part III, the finale, continues on monday.  have a great weekend!


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