mid-summer blues.

I rudely interrupt the San Diego trilogy with this important announcement:

the mid-summer blues came storming in with a vengeance last week and hit me head on.

I was feeling weary, burnt-out, irritable, lazy and all around just plain blah. 

we had taken our summer vacation and it seemed there was nothing to look forward to anymore, besides school resuming. 

I had a list a mile long of tasks I wanted to accomplish, but couldn't summon up enough energy to do them, or even start them for that matter.


more fab, less frump.

I was feeling altogether frumpy, the post-baby weight clinging to me like limp hair on a hot, humid Minnesota day.  I desperately wished it would take a hike and find some other unsuspecting host to grasp its fleshy fingers onto.  anyone besides me.


I was sick and tired of the constant mess in the kitchen.  every half hour (or so it seemed) an F5 tornado (aka, the kids) would roar through, strewing food and crumbs and dishes everywhere.  can't.keep.up.  

I was plum out of dinner ideas.  for the life of me, I couldn't come up with anything that sounded even remotely appetizing to make.  I kept checking the cupboards every few minutes, hoping that the two cans of diced tomatoes and the cream of chicken soup would morph into something more appealing, but alas, they never did.  this only served to remind me that I needed to make that dreadful trip to the grocery store (aka, my second home) once again.  drat.



even the refrigerator had issues.  it couldn't keep anything in stock.  items flew off the shelves as fast they were filled.  we're out of milk again?   

and every day, the wash haunted me with the same old things.  the same nine pairs of pajamas, the same striped towels, the same orange motorcycle t-shirt. and just as I would be finishing up the last load, or at least what I thought was the last load, another pile of dirty clothes would mysteriously appear in the laundry room.  how on earth...?   I seriously contemplated fleeing to a nudist colony.  

all of these things kept festering under the surface, until finally...            

I couldn't take it anymore!  I had reached my boiling point.  I was ornery and ready to pounce on the next person who as much as breathed the words I'm bored.    

so, I did the only thing that a desperate housewife could possibly do; I jumped ship.

well, just for a few hours.     

I went on a hike, did a little shopping.  even got a few things knocked off the mile long list.  I treated myself to Starbucks and slowly sipped my coffee, reveling in the peace and quiet.  

it's amazing what a little "me" time can do to help calm the nerves and clear the head.  to step away and take a few deep breaths every now and then provides that much needed reprieve from the frustrations, stress and monotony we face in our daily lives and with child rearing.  that way, we can head back to the nest with renewed energy and a more positive attitude.  

because when mom is happy, then everyone is happy.  right?             


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