San Diego Part III: the beach.

you can't go to San Diego in July and not go to the beach.  that would be like going to the State Fair and not eating mini donuts.  it just wouldn't be right.  

and you can't go to the beach and not take a ton of pictures, right?


yeah.  I have a confession to make.  I did NOT take a ton of pictures.  I know, what's wrong with me?  was I feeling ill?  no, that wasn't the issue.  I had every intention to shoot away.  it was just that it was cold, windy, gray and cloudy. and well, everything seemed rather drab and dull.  and besides, I was too busy trying to stay warm.  

but that didn't stop the kids.  they had a blast frolicking in the waves, boogie boarding, and building sand castles.  check it.            


IMG_5947 copy  

IMG_5948 copy  

IMG_5950 copy 

IMG_5951 copy 

IMG_5952 copy  







I could go on and on about this photo and the events leading up to it, but I would probably get in BIG trouble.  so, all I have to say is this: L to the O to the L.   


we wrapped it up at the beach and headed to the parking lot for a little tailgate party.  grilled up some hotdogs and brats for dinner.  I believe I ate my quota of nitrates for the year in one single weekend.  eep.


and the day wouldn't be complete without at least one incident.  Tara accidentally locked the keys in their truck.  whoops!  

fortunately, the guys were able to unlock the doors which saved them a call (and some cash) to the locksmith.  phew!

that evening we had a bonfire on the beach while we waited for fireworks.  we were able to view six different sets of fireworks going off around the bay area. cool. (sorry, no pictures of those.)






we left the beach full of sand and salt.  

but best of all, we left full of memories.


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