I think it's time to de-accessorize.

anyway, have I mentioned that my cherubs have had an over-abundance of energy this week? 

well, in case you didn't catch the drift, let me reiterate: I'm going crazy.  like banging my head against the wall crazy. ow. (and this is where you butt in and say encouraging things like, "oh, Jessica, hang in there. you can get through this," while patting my back.)  thanks, I feel better already.  *grin* 

so, yesterday afternoon, as I was heading upstairs to break up yet another war between the masses, a lightbulb went off in my head.  ding!  bright idea #263: why don't I make use of their excessive energy by having them channel it in a constructive way?  boy, am I smart, hey?  I may be slightly drain bamaged, er brain damaged after birthing my own baseball team, but I can still get this senile mind to work in a pinch. 

I quickly set about assigning jobs.  the three girls (Hannah, Chloe and Myra) were to organize their closet and mine, while the boys (Jake and Sawyer) tackled the garage.  I set off to clean the boys' room with Ella and Phoebe.  Rowan was in charge of watching Scarlett.  or not.      

I was in the middle of wrestling down one particularly feisty dust bunny in the boys' closet, when I heard loud giggling coming from the girls' room.  grrr, I grumbled under my breath.  what on earth are they up to now?  I stormed over to their room, yanked open the door and was about to lay into them about staying on task, when I was stopped short by this scene:


goodness gracious!  uh, are those all my accessories*?  (* = hats, scarves, watches, necklaces, bracelets, rings, tights, leggings, belts, shoes, hair pieces, headbands and ski socks)  

gasp.  where did all those come from? 


"yeah, mom.  did you even know you had all this stuff?"

gosh, no.  obviously I have 'obsessive accessory disorder'.  OAD...or something like that.

I heard the only way this particular disorder can be cured is by going *cough* shopping *cough*.  ahem.

yeah, so that's what I'll be doing this weekend.  back to school shopping and a little R&R.

and why do I have this hunch you're not feeling very sorry for me anymore? :)  

have a great weekend! 


PS. I'm not going to buy any more accessories.  well, maybe just a purse, and that one necklace..oh but that ring was so cute, too, and...and... ;)

PSS. if you enjoy shopping as much as I do, head on over to Leann's blog for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to CSN Stores!  and while you're there, check out her etsy store.  it's filled with the cutest things!         

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