shopping, scarlett and frozen yogurt.

I thoroughly enjoyed my little weekend get-a-way.  a little shopping, out-to-eating, and visiting with girlfriends were a few faves that topped the list.  and of course, some bonding time with miss Scarlett.



I had to resist the urge to butter her up, sprinkle a little cinnamon-sugar on her, plop a dollop of whipped cream on her head and eat her for brunch.  and gee, I need to stop talking about ingesting my young.    

but hey, if Scarlett grows up and doesn't like me one day (it happens, you know) I'll quickly remind her "you're lucky I didn't eat you when I had the chance."   

and speaking of good eats, what's up with all the frozen yogurt shops?  I saw one on every corner just about.  must be the latest rage, I'm guessing.  I'm not complaining-- as you can see I indulged in one myself.




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