status update.

lub dub lub dub lub dub lub dub.

translation: I'm alive and doing well after a short blog-cation.  

I made the decision last wednesday morning, while hiking, to leave for Colorado that afternoon.  I had planned on heading out on friday, but figured hey, why not make the most of the long drive and spend a few more days?  really, I had nothing tying me down, save for a few kids and a hubby.  certainly nothing they couldn't handle without me. ;)  

so, a mere 12 hours later, I found myself at Leann's.

it was a most enjoyable weekend indeed.  


let's just say there was a lot of estrogen floating around.

and well, you know what that means. :)

fun times!


PS. more stories to follow.  I'm about to collapse from exhaustion.  like right now.


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