woe is me.

I figure if terrible things are going to happen, they might as well all nail me at the same time.  gee whiz, let's just get it over with, right?

Head in hands

yeah so, my lifeline mac decided to not boot up yesterday.  and to top it off, all my photos were deleted.  trashed.  gonzo.  they had disappeared into some vast cyber hole.  I searched and searched for them, but to no avail. 

after coming to the dreadful conclusion that my photos were indeed gone, I screamed, had a heart attack, died, came back to life and immediately called in tech support (aka, the hubby).

HELP! I cried, all panic stricken.  all those photos!  our trips, the kids, Scarlett's birth, Ruth and Mark's family pics I had just taken.  now what?

while he tried to decipher the problem, I hovered over him, impatiently drumming my fingers.  please let it be fixable, I prayed.

well, thankfully, it wasn't the hard drive.  and it's now in the process of getting a "makeover".  guess it needed some updating, or something?  and I thought macs were fashionable!  pfft. 

so now I'm back to blogging on our ancient PC which is  s l o w e r  than a giant sloth stuck in molasses.  chug chug.  and that's on a good day.

I hope the pictures can be retrieved.

keep your fingers crossed.


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