$35 CSN Stores giveaway!

let's start this week off with a giveaway, shall we?  

the generous folks over at CSN would love to give a $35 gift certificate away to one lucky recipient. (now how nice is that?) 

you probably know the drill, but let me mention once again that CSN has OVER 200 online stores to choose from.  they carry everything from cheap bedroom furniture (like, hello, I think it's time to update that 1950's garage sale bedroom set already, don't you?) 


to espresso machines (because if you are fortunate enough to be the unfortunate parent of a busy-body like I am, then (like me) you probably rely on several cups of coffee to get you through the day.)

speaking of which, where is that rascal?  uh, excuse me for a sec.  hey, get down *crash* from there *bang* you little twerp! *crash bang* 


phew.  I apologize for the interruption.  *s l u r p*  now where was I?  oh yeah...

to bar stools (because there are more bodies in this household than there are chairs at the table, a few of these sure would come in handy.)


and crib sets (we recently moved Scarlett into her crib and I would love to get some fun bedding.)


and well, I could go on and on about everything CSN has to offer, but I'll leave that up to you to check it out.  with so many products to choose from, you could literally spend hours getting lost.  although I guarantee you will find something that suits your fancy. 

and now for the nitty gritty details: 

to enter, simply leave me a comment on this post specifying your all-time favorite cake and frosting combo.  for me, it's red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.  mmm.  and I'll give you 50 extra entries if you make one and hand deliver it.  okay, maybe not.

but you can get extra entries for: 

1.) blogging about the giveaway 

2.) linking the giveaway on facebook

*just remember to come back here and leave another comment.

contest will be open until thursday, September 9th, midnight PST. 

open to US and Canadian residents only.

winner will be announced on friday.

good luck!


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