Katie Cupcake.

were any of you wondering why I asked you to share your favorite cake? (I suppose by now you've learned to expect the unexpected on this blog.) 

well, being we recently celebrated a couple birthdays, I've had cake on the brain. and after reading through your faves, there is a pool of drool on my keyboard. just so you know.  so now on today's post you need to leave the recipes. :)



I'm guessing these camping-trailers-turned-foodie stands are the latest rage? (just curious because I've seen a few of them around town this past summer.)

this one in particular, called "Katie Cupcake", with its vintage pastel paint job and kitschy cupcake curtains just screamed "photo op".  but, every time I drove by I was either: a.) on a mission trip or b.) didn't have my camera along. 

(come to think of it, I did stop by once before only to notice a sign in the window stating CASH ONLY.  seriously, like who uses cash these days?  and furthermore, when do I ever just "happen" to have cash on me?!  are you kidding?  my wallet's like the Bermuda Triangle.  every time I have money, it mysteriously disappears.) 

when Chloe's birthday rolled around, I thought bingo!  finally, a valid excuse to pay this joint that I had been drooling ALL summer over, a visit. (besides, if I remembered correctly, I had retired from the cake making business.)      

and what could possibly be better than a homemade cupcake from a pretty roadside stand that I didn't have to slave or grieve over? (okay, maybe I could think of a few things, like never having to change another diaper, for one.)

so, off we went.  

while the girls decided on their cupcake flavors, I busied myself by snapping a few photos.



wow.  this lady had cupcakes named after her nieces and nephews, a sister, her dad.  even the family dog was deemed special enough to have a cupcake named in his honor.  Charlie, if I remember right.

I hadn't planned on getting one for myself, but then I overheard her saying something something red velvet with cream cheese frosting and then I overheard myself saying "yeah, I'll take one of those, please."  so much for my diet.

"alrighty then, 5 cupcakes...that comes to $18.75, please."

"ga ga ga ga how much?" I stuttered, dollar signs flashing in my eyeballs.  I quickly did the math: I was about to pay $3.75 for one, yes ONE, cupcake.  holy. 

I have since re-opened my cake business.  


birthday girl and her loaded cupcake.  I don't think we could've squeezed another candle on.  happy birthday, Chloe!


the girls enjoying their *wince* $3.75 *wince* cupcakes.  oh well, they were heavenly!


 nothing like a little girl time!


PS. I know I had a few more photos, but I can't find them anywhere.  apparently they weren't recovered. (grrr.  every time I think about that I get angry.  so I need to stop thinking about that.)

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