and more etsy.

I just wanted to share a few more etsy shops.  this cutie patootie headband was found at Sweet Pea Hats.  simply fab.  Scarlett may not have any clothes, but hey at least she has headbands!





toe jam anyone?  babies are just way too flexible.


(and is it just me or are these photos looking a little blah and/or grayish? typepad changed their editor and for some reason the true color of the image is not picking up. is anyone else (who has a typepad account) having this issue? any tips would be appreciated.)

also thanks to my good friend Leann, who happened upon an etsy store owner needing photos of her products, I had the opportunity to be the "photographer" for this sweet Canadian gal whose shop is called Les Mini Jujus.  

she sent me the items and then I sweet-talked my model into posing for a few pictures.  I then sent her the images to post on her etsy sight.  slick, huh?  this was one of the darling hats she sent.  in fact she just emailed me a couple days ago and said the hat already sold!  


IMG_8022  IMG_8006



this cocoon was another one of the items she sent.  although I think Scarlett was a little too old to be shoved into it.  she kept stretching and pulling and was having nothing to do with being in the fetal position anymore.  so I am still in need of a newborn!  give me a holler!   


IMG_8145 copy IMG_8149 copy

also in the package were these uber cute ponytail holders.  if you head to Les Mini Jujus you might recognize this darling face in the listings!

here are a few more reasons to love etsy:

able mabel

snugars (patiently waiting for Scarlett's hat :) 

1crown3tiaras (I will be taking some pictures for her as well. exciting!)


so I'm thinking you need to add a little etsy shopping to your agenda this weekend.  simply shop in your jammies while you lounge on the couch and sip that life-saving elixir (some people refer to this as coffee.) 

just think of all that gas you'll be saving. (for that extra special someone.)

have a grand weekend!



able mabel said...

Hey! Thanks for the shout out! I appreicate it!
I'll keep my eye out for other opportunities for you if you'd like.

Aunty Dee said...

You couldnt have a more sweeter, smiling baby than Scarlett to model. Just want to hug her, she is so cute! Needless to say your other models are just as cute! How fun to be able to take the pictures for them!!

Sherry said...

Here's another Etsy for you to check out: leaandlars ! It is a fairly new shop on Etsy and she sews a variety of things.