for the love of etsy.

I believe I've mentioned to you before about my on going love affair with etsy.  

oh my goodness.

there are some ridiculously talented people in this world.  for that I am grateful.  

and of course, these ridiculously talented people need ridiculously talented shoppers to purchase their wares. 

insert me. (someone's gotta do the buying, right?)  

(oh and please excuse the not so great photos. the lighting is horrible. and I should have found something more attractive to hang on the hooks. well, you get the picture anyway.) 



I came across these fun wall stickers from tasty suite.  this was looking like a rather boring row of hooks until I slapped these numbers up.  I think it added a little visual interest, wouldn't you agree?  and they were super easy to apply. although it did require the use of a tape measure. (I promise I hardly even cursed.)  

hair accessories are always fun.  

like this vintage inspired headband from silly me baby.  her stuff is simply over the top.  and I couldn't resist a photo opportunity try as I might.  


IMG_8382 copy copy  IMG_8409  


IMG_8376-2 copy 

now to decide which one to use for her school picture...

I have more etsy stuff to share but it's late and I best get my beauty rest.

until tomorrow...



able mabel said...

I can't wait to get our walls painted so I can get some wall stickers. I'm hoping my "Personal Shopper" (that's you) will help me decide what to put where.

Keilah said...

Use the second photo for her school picture! I LOVE it! Or the first one. Or the last...:)

Briita M said...

someones gotta create, someones gotta buy and someones gotta admire (that's me!) Cute Kesti girl!

Aunty Dee said...

The headband is really cute--but the model is absoulutely darling! (Like the numbers too--it's amazing how something simple can change the look.)

Kelly Massman said...

Fun post! I love etsy too! My hubbie has a shop there! :-)

jessica said...

that's wonderful Kelly! what does he sell? you'll have to leave the link!

Jess said...

She is beautiful! and you have talent!!